7 really, really last-minute Valentine’s Day ideas for lazy lovers

It might be too late to book that romantic dinner, but you can still pile on the love with little to no preparation.

After all, as long as it’s coming from the heart, that’s all that matters.

Here is a brief list of the best last-minute ideas for lazy Vancouver lovers who just can’t read a calendar:

Movie Night


Refresh this date-night classic by splurging for VIP seats at the Cineplex Theatre. Or, you can surprise your date with your love of culture by going to an independent theatre like VIFF or The Cinematheque for a great night out.

Games Night


Whether you head to a special board game restaurant or pick up a new game to play at home, challenging your competitive date to a game night shows you’re thinking of them.

Hotel Night


Grab a last-minute hotel deal and whisk your significant other to a romantic hotel for the night. Nothing says “romance” like a little spontaneity, and they definitely won’t see this coming, especially if you’re a last-minute person!

Love Lights Night


Take your date to the Capilano Suspension Bridge to catch the Love Lights. Wandering the illuminated forest landscape and walking the lit-up, gently swaying bridge is a recipe for a good date.

Ice Skating Night

Glide around the ice with your date on a whimsical – and affordable – night out. There are a ton of rinks around Metro Vancouver, but the Shipyards Ice Rink in North Van might be the best one for February 14.

Live Music Night


Music is the language of love. Spin your date around to see a show at Guilt & Co. or see what else is playing near you.

Beach Night


When in doubt, rely on the spectacular spectacle of nature to dazzle your date. Grab some hot chocolate and take them on a walk along the beach or the seawall, even in the rain! Just some time spent walking hand in hand is romantic enough.

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